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 All the infos about the server

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Date d'inscription : 01/03/2010

All the infos about the server Empty
MessageSujet: All the infos about the server   All the infos about the server Icon_minitimeSam 6 Mar - 18:08

Here are all the infos about the server :

It's hamachi server... I will try to open it as much as I can.

Register link :
Forum link :
Full patch : PWZYB9BP (sorry if the patch is a little big, there are textures and models because a lot of new apparels have been added.
Patch for BlackSkin(usefull) :, you will have to install it into top client.

you need only to delete areaset the game.exe is arleadly ca tweaked

On hamachi join TopKiller1-10 pass 123456

Look on forum for more infos!

I'm not looking for any gms so don't pm me to ask me if you can be..

I'm not so much on but i'll try to make event each 2 days.

Only 1 big bug that I'm always trying to fix is sockets on hat and forging able on hat.

Rates :

Exp Rate : 10x
Party Exp Rate : 15x
Drop Rate : 15x
Pet growth : 500x
Pet max lvl : 80
Player max lvl : 150

Extra infos :

- Necklace 90 HP gives 200 Movement Speed instead of 160.
- Rebirth give 55% stats
- A lot of apparels added like akatsuki, sephiroth, goku, yuna and special swords (only on event), divinity blade and aurora blade for money, v2.0 apparels for money on apparels npc.
- Cleric and SM : Spiritual Bolt cooldown reduced to 1.5 seconds and weapons 75,85 upgraded for they have chance in CA to survive and better PK.
- Voy : Conch ray cooldown reduced by 1.5 seconds and custom corals for they have chance in CA to survive and better PK.
- Great gems dropped by all boss like DS, FC and DW boss and Zephyr boss that is Abyss Morpheus.
- On Zephyr there are winter, aurora and dark area mobs for lv90+ to lvl up. Boss on it called Abyss Morpheus very strong that drops 1 Custom Gem Chest, 1 Great gem chest and 1 Azrael Chest. He protects 2 Chests of dark Area that drops the same things.
- On Outlaw there are fortune mobs because i cant open all maps.
- Max upgrade (effectiveness) 120%
- Forging-Combining 100%
- MJ bug works

Easy to make money :
- woodcuting 35k each wood.
- you can get 1k dollar note from mystic shrubs, forest spirits and sleepy snails, 5k dollar notes on bear cubes and 10k dollar notes on outlaw isle where there are fortune mobs.
- Sealed Blueprints 50k each, Encrypted 25k each, Blurry 500g each, Invocated 125k each.
- Farm on CA, DW, DS, FC.

About maps :

- Argent
- Shaitan
- Icicle Closed because too much lagg with it... sorry my computer isn't so performant.
- CA portal on argent open 1 hour on 3
- DW open 1 hour on 3
- Thundoria Mirage open 4 hours on 6
- Shaitan Mirage open 4 hours on 6
- Icicle Mirage open 4 hours on 6
- Dark Swamp open 1 hour on 3
- Forsaken City open 1 hour on 3 - You need Little Daniel to make Ancient Generator.
- Zephyr customised with aurora sea and dark area mobs for lv90+
- No Winter because it's not fixed.
- Outlaw customised with Fortune mobs.

About npc's :

- Unseal 85 Ring Exchanger that exchange you 50 Godess's favor for 1 type of uns85 Ring
- Unseal 85 Exchanger that exchange you 25 kals, 25 signets, 1 Rightful Bd chest and 5 Medal of Invincible Knight
- Unseal 75 Exchanger that exchange you Crown of Decedent 5 kals and all types of death weapons 25 kals 25 signets.
- Kals exchanger that exchange you 10m for 1 Kal.
- uns75 Armor that exchange you 50 kals 50 signets for a chest of death set of your choice.
- New Crowns v2.0 that exchange you Honorary Crown of King 25 Kals 35 Signets and Arthur's Faith 35 Kals and 40 Signets.
- Normal Gem Seller that sell Normal Gems and Chipped, Cracked and Broken gems.
- Azrael Exchanger that exchange you 1. 15 signets for 1 azrael chest, 2. 1 Devil Gem for 1 Azrael chest, 3. 35 Standart Chaos voucher for 1 Azrael Chest.
- Custom Gem Exchanger, where there are Movement Speed gem +50, attack speed gem +50, hit rate gem +30 and dodge gem +30 Exchange you 5 Azrael Chest for 1 Custom Gem chest.
- BD Gem Exchanger : 2 stacks wood for 1 bd gem of your choice.
- Rebirth Exchanger ( at shaitan ) : 40 million dollar notes, 5 kals and 10 Signets for the lv1 Rebirth Stone.
- Necklaces NPC that sell you necks for lv50-90
- Rings NPC that sell you rings for lv50-90
- Unseals NPC that sell you uns45-65
- Gem Combiner : ALL GEMS ON IT!!
- Cooking NPC that sell all type of pots not free
- Manufacturing NPC that sell all type of manufacturing for little price.
- Black Dragon Trader that sell you Normal BD Set 5m each part and rightful for 100m each part.

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All the infos about the server
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